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    Relative filtering?


      How can I create a field to search by relationship in my clients table, but only to show the ones are flagged "Active"?

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          I'm not sure where the relationship comes in?  Are you doing the search from the context of the clients table?  What is the related data?

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            If the results are in a portal, yes, you can add filtering to only show results of "active". Why don't you test this, by adding the filter and perform a find where you know nothing should be showing in the filtered portal.


            If you really want to be sure, make the 'find' scripted so that you capture the find criteria, add your own Set Field (status; "Active") // using parens here because this forum munges code with square brackets...


            Perform the find with their criteria AND YOURS: modify their find, constrain to include only 'active'.



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              Wish i could filter my relatives

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                Here's how I go about it


                This one is actually fairly easy.


                On your detail layout, create a portal into the related table you want to see into.
                in your detail layout's data table, create a global text field and place it on your detail layout

                in your portal, filter by:


                <related table>::status = "Active" AND PatternCount(<field to search on>;<global field>)