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Create script step (button) in a File to bring up Launch Center window

Question asked by dentaldoc on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by rrrichie

When launching Filemaker Pro 14 the Launch Center window comes up with my Logos. Great. And if I go to Menu Bar at top of display and select Open or use shortcut Command+O the Launch center also comes up. Great.


But I want to creat a Button on a layout that will also bring up the Launch Center Window, so I can select another of my favorite databases. But for example, OpenRemote brings up the old double pane dialog box showing server on left and files within a selected server on the right - all in list style. the OpenFile script step just opens the Finder open file window.


Is there an Open (or other) Script step that will bring up the Launch Center window - which makes for a much more professional-looking presentation.