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Size of Custom Dialog

Question asked by dburnham on Jul 7, 2015
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I found this as an unanswered item in the 2010 archives.  It concerns the size of a Custom Dialog.  When the text does not fit into the Custom Dialog, users see a truncated sentence or paragraph and they seldom know that they have the option to alter the size of the Custom Dialog.


Admittedly, since 2010 we have the new popover feature as a way to circumvent this issue.  We also have the ability to open new windows with advanced features that can make the window modal and behave more like a custom dialog.


However, there are good reasons to use custom dialogs, not the least of which is the ability to quickly script the subsequent steps based on the message choice made by the user.


Therefore, I'd like to revive the request made by someone else in 2010 and add to it as follows:


  • Show Custom Dialog should insure that the dialog always opens to present the entire text
  • Alternatively, or in addition, Show Custom Dialog should also allow developers to specify the point of origin (left and top) and the size of the dialog box.  This would place the responsibility for the size and position of the dialog in the hands of the developer.


I am going to post this as a feature request, but if anybody has invented a workaround solution other than popovers and new windows (which take longer to create), I would like to hear about it.