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    popover window weird behavior


      Running FMP 14  in Wind 8.1 (yuck) and I cannot understand why  popover windows render inconsistently; sometimes they emerge slowly and beautifully, but other times when I click the popover button, they emerge more awkwardly, as in quickly, all at one, or only partially at first and then fully.  Am I doing something wrong here?  FWIW, the popover window is not hitting any objects when it emerges.  Is this yet another quirk of how FMP runs in Windows? BTW, I skipped FMP13 so pardon me if this is rehash.

      Cheers from Los Angeles!

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          I haven't seen this on Windows as a general rule. It sounds like a performance issue - like the computer is very busy or there's a slowdown in screen rendering. Is this a slower computer, or perhaps is there a lot going on in the background?

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            give a name to the popover (not to the popover button) and open the popover with another button which merely does a Go to Object (popovername). That should bypass any (resource-consuming) animation and make your popover appear instantly. Maybe you're happy with this strategy ?

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              In addition to what Mike is saying: is the client machine running out of disk space?

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                Thanks for all the replies! 

                Performance issue? Perhaps...but odd as I'm testing out my new solution on a reasonably powerful new machine (Dell XPS 8700 with a 4th Gen i7 processor- capable of 3.9 ghz in turbo mode- plus16 gb of RAM and a 1 tb HD.  Also, the issue is occurring on another machine too, that one less powerful.

                I guess I should halt all background programs and see if it resolves the issue. I will also try the 'go to object' suggestion and report back.

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                  There may also be an issue with the contents of the popover. Is it, perhaps, revealing a portal? Or aggregate calculations?

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                    If you are opening the popover via script make sure you have set Layout Object Animation is on if you want it to animate.  If you are just using the button it should just animate.

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                      I still fail to see why people charging by the hour (actually by the minute, as our clients do) should pay for - and suffer -the dictatorship of fancy animations and translations. I can't count the times I've been told "take this s** away". Sure, it's gorgeous in a demo of a loldatabase with your wedding pix, but that's what iPhoto is for. IRL, people push buttons and want to see data, even before they released the button, it's a database, not a slide show, is it so hard to get ?


                      We have to run circles to disable time loss, instead of being offered the fancy animation = time loss as an extra, to be activated on demand. So stupid.

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                        Thats an interesting philosophy on design...  And I do have some clients who think that way.


                        I am all about keeping things simple but I spend quite a bit of time working on beautiful elements that I can use in my clients databases.  I believe if it looks nice and clean its makes using the database more pleasant and easy to comprehend.  I like the animated popovers quite a lot because they reinforce to the user the context of the data and it also bridges the gap to the button.  Quite often the popover is just a way to present data or functions that is used less and don't require being displayed constantly.  When the popover is animated its a reminder where this data or functions come from.


                        I think its important to remember that any animation needs a purpose behind it.  Could you imagine drag and drop without animation?


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                          I have seen odd behavior in popovers if the text field is too close to the edges of the popover.


                          Imagine a popover with one text field in it.  If the edges of the field are too close to the edge of the popover, then when you first open the popover, there are grey ovals on the edges where the text field is close to the edge.  They look like iOS scroll bars.  After about a second, the lines disappear.


                          So my suggestion is either make the popover larger or the objects inside smaller.



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                            In interface design as a plan and interaction management as a flow, people need confirmation. Feedback. If they take a train from A to B, they don't need to be informed that they are travelling, they know that. What they want to know is:


                            - is this stop B already ? if not,

                            - how much to B ?

                            and, of course

                            - hey, you're at B.


                            But the needed feedback on a 5-10 second interaction like a drag and drop is totally different from the one occurring on a button press, because a choice (button press) happens in your mind, and when you take the action (moveTo, clickOn) there's no plan anymore, the path is decided beforehand and we're only executing like in the whole screen does not matter, just that button matters, gotta travel to it as fast as possible and invoke it, without carrying something with you.


                            Drag and drop is a different beast. Did I catch it ? is it following me, confirming that ? (Check for that, every millisecond) Did I drop it inadvertently ? Does/will my target accept my burden, as in "is this the correct spot to drop what I'm carrying ?"


                            I'm sure u see my point.

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                              Can't wait to investigate this hypothesis.  Will report back...

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                                Thnx Jared, but nope, not using a script...

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                                  Nope, no portal or aggregate calcs, Mike, but your point makes sense...

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                                    Tried all the suggestions, for which I am grateful.

                                    Nothing seems to ensure the popover animation will work correctly every time. It still works normally 90% of the time, the other 10%  the popover behaves spastically by say appearing all at once 2 inches away from the button then attaching to it  or by closing  by shooting off  ballistically across the screen.  For now, I am chalking it up to Windows 8.1 because it is occurring on both of my PCs.