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FM12 as ODBC guest locking tables and causing memory error

Question asked by laura.bowyer on Jul 8, 2015
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I've been trying to nail down an error that I starting getting a few weeks back occasionally where using the CF FoundList to grab the related IDs of records and set to a global to use as a GTRR would return a "?". Today, this happened when I was doing a search and the settings the found list array of IDs to the global and it's been working for this same search hundreds of time.


I noticed on the server admin console that an ODBC client was logged into the data file. As soon as that client logged off the database, the foundlist worked.


I've searched to see if I can find anything on table or record locking using ODBC (this is from a .net application) but nothing. In SQL, there is a query that can be run with NO LOCK. Is there something like this in FileMaker 12? It appears to be locking the records or causing a memory leak such that I cannot grab the related IDs and stuff into the global.


This is running on a Windows 2008 server R2, Service Pack 1 - 64 Bit, 12 GB ram


Also - maybe related - when the ODBC client first logs in, it takes about 10 second to connect. Is that common? Seems like a long time....


Thanks in advance!