Bug report - new script workspace

Discussion created by dburnham on Jul 9, 2015
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When viewing scripts in the new Script Workspace, the folders, when closed (disclosure arrow pointing east) do not indicate the existence of any scripts contained in those folders which are "checked" to be shown in the Scripts menu.   The only way to know if there are any scripts "checked" to be visible in the Scripts menu is to open each script folder to examine its contents.


The common way to inform users of the existence of some checked items with in a folder is with a "-" (minus) symbol instead of a checkmark.  In this case, that may not be enough because the folder itself carries a checkmark. 


Therefore, I suggest the use of colored checkmarks to indicate the following conditions:

  • The folder and all its script contents are visible in the scripts menu
  • The folder and some (one or more) of its script contents are visible in the scripts menu


Let me also add that the checkmark for showing or hiding the folder itself in the Scripts menu is debatable.  Arguably, there is no reason to show a folder in the Scripts menu if none of its contents are visible, and conversely, if one or more of its contents are visible in the Scripts menu, the folder should be shown too, but not given a keystroke number.



( if there is a way to report things like this via the FileMaker web site, I have not found it.  Clicking "Report Product Issues" is a link to the discussions, which does not inspire confidence that engineers will see it, or at least suggest the proper place in discussions where it will be seen.  If I'm mistaken, someone please correct me.)