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FM 14 Go To Related Record Issues

Question asked by davidjhayden on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by justinc

Short version: we have a script that contains a number of conditional Go To Related Record steps that open new windows.  When the new windows open, the window title is not renamed as specified, and the Custom Menu associated with the new window's layout is not loading.


The script is fired from a number of buttons on a layout and runs the appropriate portion of the script depending on the parameter passed from the button, so...


Set Variable ($P; Get (ScriptParameter))

If ($P = "x")

     Go To Related Record (version 1, new window, new window title)

Else If ($P = "y")

      Go To Related Record (version 2, new window, new window title)  


End If

In all of these cases the GTRR step opens a new window in a related table, and should set a new window title (calculated in the GTRR step).  In FileMaker 13 this is working as expected, in FMP 14 we have two issues:  the window is not renamed, AND the Custom Menu specified in the new layout is not loading.  Instead, the new window name and custom menu is the same as in the window where the script fired.

This is happening on OS X 10.9 and 10.10, with both FMP 14 and FMPA 14.

Anyone seen this?