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    Copying object states on button bar


      If you are using the classic theme in FMP14 and you have a button bar, is it possible to copy (on the same button bar) the style for object state "hover" and paste it over to the object state "pressed" , for example (again, on exactly the same button bar)?


      This seems to work on an individual button, but not so for a button bar comprised of popover buttons and regular buttons.  Is that

      right ? Am I doing something wrong here?

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          It's not possible to copy one state to another state, as copying a style copies the entire object style including different states.


          Best thing to do is save a custom object style, then you can apply that custom object style to any objects you need. This allows you to do the work once, then apply it everywhere saving time.


          Here's a filemaker KB on it: Enhancements to copying and pasting of custom styled layout objects in FileMaker Pro | FileMaker


          Also, classic theme is terrible for performance and compatibility, the system themes perform much better, and it's worth the investment to "reskin" your file if you've converted up from 11 or earlier.

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            Thank you so much, Mike !

            That's weird b/c I can copy an object state to another object state within a regular button, just can't do it on a button bar.


            Can you kindly elaborate on how FMP14 classic theme performs poorly? In what ways? That is news to me! Thnx.

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              My file was not converted up, was created in FMP14...

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                Classic is the default theme assigned to layouts that are converted from files before FM12 came out with the theme system.


                All of the other themes use the least possible amount of CSS to style your entire layout, so they load as fast as possible (less CSS = less code = less load time). It also helps remove odd behaviors system to system.


                When converting to FMP12, FM12-14 does a “best guess” approach to converting your layout, but I’ve seen objects that require hundreds of extra lines of code in CSS to get them to look like they did in older versions of filemaker. In essence, the classic theme is a placeholder for older files, but it’s intended uses outside of the most spartan layouts in filemaker 12+ are limited.


                Taking your existing layouts, re-theming them and then restyling them using the > FM12 layout/theme tools creates the most compatible and streamlined layouts.