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    User account after Re-Login in WD


      FMS 14.02.226 on OS X 10.10.3

      Clients: OS X 10.0.3 Safari 8.0.6 and iOS 8.4 Safari


      A FM file is called through a URL in a Browser. Auto login as "Guest".

      Then using Re-Login() in a start script (OnFirstWindowOpen) with account name and password retrieved as parameters through a URL like


      Re-Login() is executed correctly and Get (AccountName) yields "TestAccount". However, WD still shows "Guest" as the active in account it's menu.

      - A Refresh Window after Re-Login does not help

      - Re-running a Re-Login causes WD to show the correct account

      - Setting a Pause (2 sec) before the Re-login() step makes WD showing the correct account (Doesn't look great, though)


      I'm not sure how WD handles this internally (access privileges), when account info shown in menu is different from that given by Get (AccountName).

      Couldn't find anything in documentation about a timing requirement for Re-Login in WD. Did I miss something?

      Thanks for advise.

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          First, you should consider tokenizing or encrypting your URL so you're not blatantly passing plain-text credentials, along with the host address and file name via your URL.


          Menus behave differently in WebDirect thanks to browser caching, although I can't confirm or deny your findings as I don't really place user info in my menus (custom menus aren't supported in WD).


          I would either try hiding then unhiding the menus (before then after the relogin step). There's a "Hide all toolbars" checkbox under file options in 14 as well that might be beneficial to experiment with.

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            Thanks for responding, Mike.

            In a production environment, credentials should be encrypted. I am on your side with this but did not make the effort for this lab test.

            I tried with browser cache disabled, with toggling Menu visibility before and after the Re-Login step, all to no avail.

            According to the specifications, the menu, when visible, shows the account logged in, not the one that was previously logged in. No exceptions to this a are listed. Funny enough, that a Pause step before Re-Login fixes it.