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    Parameters passing to external script


      Hi there,

      I like to pass 3 parameters to an external script for an iPad file to a serverfile, and do a login based on these parameters.

      The hosted file has an startup-script and makes an log-entry. The FM-client user normaly provides his username and Password and logs-in. correct.


      Now I want to log-in from an app (local on iPad with Fm Go 14) providing the UN&PW by a do-externalScript with parameters like:


      "app" & "P" &

      tabel::Username & "P" &



      In the serverfile I use the Get (scriptparameter) with "MiddleValues ( Get(ScriptParameter) ; 2;1 )" to pass the value to a variable to use it for login. But the paramers don't arive in the hosted file. I did try with an $$-Var but it did't work as well.


      Working with GTRR will work but skips the process of making a logentry, with I don't want to skip.


      So...any help appreciated!


      Greatings from Holland, Floor