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    Your (unofficial) FileMaker Devcon Weather Report


      On Monday, July 20th, conference attendees will be greeted by a cozy sunny day with a high of 97F/36C, cooling down to 77F/25C in the late evening.


      Tuesday sessions will kick off, and we'll be inside enjoying the air conditioned conference rooms while outside a toasty 101F/38C high will really hit you if you're not prepared with some sunscreen, cold drinks and a portable wind tunnel. At least you can venture outside when the sun goes down and it cools off to 78F/26C


      Wednesday and Thursday you'll want to continue the indoor trend as the rest of Las Vegas will be suffering from a brutal 103F/39C high.


      Of course, we'll just say it's a "dry heat", and at least it probably will not rain the entire week!


      See you all in a week!