FileMaker crashes when exporting a DDR

Discussion created by TonyWhite on Jul 13, 2015
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Hi All,

I am having an issue with a FileMaker solution currently running in FileMaker 11 (started in FileMaker 3/4).
The system is large in that it has:
100+ files
200+ tables
3,000+ layouts
16,000+ scripts

The issue that I am having is that when I run a DDR from FileMaker 11 it crashes repeatable on one particular file while generating the layout portion of the DDR.
When I run the DDR from FileMaker 10 it does not crash.
The file has never had Layout Folders, or any other FileMaker 11 introduced features, to the best of my knowledge.

I have been trying to locate the FileMaker code object that is causing the problem so that I can remove it.
This has been successful in the past. I once had a similar problem with a file and Winfred Huslik the creator of FMDiff was able to pinpoint the corrupted object and tell me to remove 1 value list. That worked and I was able to move forward.

The easy answer is to rebuild the file. I would prefer not to rebuild and instead see this as a good test of the tools available to diagnose and repair a corrupted FileMaker file. A FileMaker file has a known structure down the the 1s and 0S and should be fixable.

Here are some of the things that I have tried.

1. Verify the block structure of the files using the FileMaker verify ability. Reported result: block structure OK

2. Read the XML that was generated before FileMaker crashed.
- The XML ended in the middle of a Layout > Layout Object
- The layout object was a text lable and I removed it
- I ran the DDR again and it crashed again. This time the Layout Object was a layout field so I removed that
- I ran the DDR again and it crashed again
- I then deleted the entire layout and ran the DDR again. FileMaker crashed

3. Run a diagnostic recovery:  File > Recover...
There were no real errors..only the cosmetic errors...
[begin excerpt]
8475 Rebuilt group with 5 object(s)
8487  Reset table view
8476  This item changed
[end excerpt]
...and they do not correlate with the the place in the file where FileMaker crashes running the DDR.

4. Even the often often very useful FMDiff does not show anything.

To recap. The file passed the FileMaker verify and “diagnostic recovery” tests but crashes the FileMaker application when running the DDR.
This means that the FileMaker tests of the file on the block and block internal levels is missing something.

As much as I am a FileMaker Fanatic, I would hope to see FileMaker file diagnostic and repair tools come to fruition. The improvements made in...if I recall correctly...FileMaker 10 and 11 were great. That said it would seem evident that we are not yet where we could be. If the FileMaker application has the ability to write a file to disk and read the file back from disk, then there is no technical reason why the structure can not be accurately diagnosed and fixed.

Does anyone have a suggestion besides the easy to say and hard to sell... “rebuild the file”

Thanks in advance.

All the best,

Tony White
Tony White Designs, Inc.