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How can I prevent titlecase from being applied to certain words?

Question asked by jgalt on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2015 by richardsrussell

I have a data that is being supplied by a third part in all uppercase. I would like convert it to titlecase but I would like the abilty to force certain text strings to be all lowercase and others to be all UPPERCASE.


For example, I would like to end up with:

"Acme Widgets of CA"


"Acme Widgets Of Ca".


This seems like a pretty challenging task. Is there a reasonable way to do this?



Could I do something like this?


Convert these two letter strings that begin with a space to lowercase but do not convert them if they are parts of words such as "attack, issue, office".

" at"

" is"

" of"


Similarly, I need to convert all state abbreviations to uppercase without affecting words that begin with these strings, such as "Cancer, Flowers, Water".


" CA"

" FL"

" WA"