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    Schedule script



      I have a script that copy records from a MSQL database and paste them into FM14

      Is possible to schedule this task every 10 min?


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          Sure, as long as the correct DSN is setup on your server, you can setup a scheduled script to run every 10 minutes. I'd advise maybe a little more time (EG 15 or 30 minutes) between intervals though to minimize your server load.


          If you're just running this on a client, you can set up an OnTimer script, but it will only run when the user has the file open, and it can interfere with the usability of your system.

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            Mikes got this right.

            Definitely can be done and might be the right choice for the issue your trying to solve.

            My question would be... have you investigated ESS so the MySQL<>FM connection is live?

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              Not sure if he meant msql = Microsoft SQL, or MySQL and he missed the y.


              MySQL might be better via ESS, SQL might be better too, but I’ve found that the Insert Calculated Results and Import Records (using ODBC) steps can run a lot faster than ESS in certain cases.


              ESS is much easier for the two-way flow of data, but for one-way imports it’s not always the best choice.

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                OK, Thanks!

                I use Microsft SQL with an ODBC connection...

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                  Just wanted to let devis know their were other options than building a SSS sync process.

                  As you stated the solution should be based on the performance requirements.