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Send Mail: Send via SMTP Server (Hotmail

Question asked by itraining on Jul 14, 2015
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In the Send Mail script step, click the Send via SMTP Server and Specify... button. In the SMTP Options dialog box, what Server Information settings are required to send an email message using a Microsoft Outlook ( account or an older Hotmail ( account?



Using my old Hotmail email address and password, I can log into the web site and use the credentials to configure a functioning account in the Mail application but I cannot get the same settings to successfully send an email message using the Send Mail script step in FileMaker Pro. For example:

(a) using a web browser I can successfully log into an view, read, send email messages.

(b) using the Mac OS X Mail application, configuring an account with the Hotmail ( SMTP settings captured in the attached screenshot, I can successfully view, read and send email messages using Mail.

(c) using FileMaker Pro, the Send Mail script step and the same Hotmail account credentials in (b) above, the action FAILS returning a 1502 error "The connection was refused by the SMTP server".


Thanks in advance.




Michael Richards


Error 1502 - Connection refused by SMTP server.png


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