Missing option to hide iOS status bar in FileMaker Go 14

Discussion created by skywillmott on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2016 by Markus Schneider

Hmm, even with the recent 14.0.2 update, the application setting - that was present in previous versions of FileMaker Go - to hide the iOS status bar (where the battery level, wifi indicator, time etc are displayed) is still missing. :-(


Please please please bring it back FileMaker!


It is particularly useful for public facing iPad 'kiosks' running FileMaker Go solutions, where the iPad is always connected to a power source, and therefor has no requirement for battery level etc to be displayed. I have clients that expect kiosk solutions to run fully fullscreen with no iOS status bar showing, and as such I cannot deliver these solutions using FileMaker Go 14, and will need to continue using FileMaker Go 13 until the setting is brought back, which is very disappointing.


Even better would be if it was scriptable so that the iOS status bar could be hidden as and when required, rather than an application setting :-)