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    14 for 14: Reconnect with your Databases


      New in FileMaker 14 is the automatic “reconnect to server” feature which I particularly love. But there are some catches to getting it to work nicely, and things you can do to make the most of it.  In this article we cover it in depth and outline some limitations and possible workarounds.

      You can read the full article here over at FileMaker Weetbicks, cheers!

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          Good article, but when it lost connection has to show the ask reconnection dialog? or just reconnect itself? I used FM Go 14 sometimes see it always show the waiting circle very long time. is it into reconnection mode? If I want to close the reconnection function, how can I to do? In my case, I want to find if it lost connection, then I want to allocate procedure to another process, I write the script like

          Open file [some-file]

          if[Get(LastError)=802 or Get(LastError)=1631]

          //means it lost connection

            one way


          another way


          But It can't work