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    FileMaker 14 Server


      I work one day a week for a very small business that was using Bento for their database needs.  When Bento was no longer supported a transition needed to occur and the logical replacement product was FileMaker. One aspect of FileMaker 13 that made it very attractive was the fact it didn't need MS Server and could run on a box with a work station OS.


      I know some will say what's another  $800 - $900 for a license and CALs but the added complexity and cost does mean quite a bit to a bare bones small business.


      Has anyone tried running FileMaker 14 Server on Windows 8? I realize this would be outside the support model and would probably mean I couldn't get any help from FileMaker. To be honest I  haven't called them yet so I'm not sure that is a big deal. Any thought ??

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          I haven't tried running FM Server with Windows 8.  But another option is to have it hosted "in the cloud" with a company like Triple8.net or one of the many others out there.

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            I installed on Windows 7 and worked.

            Another try was Windows 10 preview, but it run on VM having only 3GB RAM, then web sharing was disabled.

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              Depending on the solution cloud hosting might be viable option. Might not. Finding an refurb, new or used Mac Mini is a very good option.


              I moved from Bento to FM12 peer-peer and then to FMS13->14. The speed is amazing. You do not need a very powerful machine to serve the databases. Dual core will be fine for most small companies that moved away from Bento. Why are you interested in a MS machine?

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                Good question. My background unfortunately is not Apple based even though most everyone else in this company is on Macs. My initial research lead me to believe the type of server, MS or Apple really didn't matter. Since FileMaker was new to me it seemed at the time going on a familiar platform made sense. Obviously not 20-20 hindsight. Coming up with a Mac to host the server would be no problem and that may be the direction I take in the future. Right now I am dealing with the normal infancy issues and haven't even tried out FMS14 yet. It may be perfectly OK on Windows 8.1/10 -- just not supported.  

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                  FM Server on OSX seems to always have less issues than on Windows. Mac stuff is rather easy when it comes to FMS as it is essentially the same web interface as the windows machines.  Technically it does not matter, but the Windows server guys seem to have more growing pains than OSX. I believe there are some server side things that only work on OSX, but I may be wrong. The support here or OSX installs is very strong, but there are also a few people with extensive Windows + FMServer experience.