FileMaker 14 Server

Discussion created by drduane on Jul 16, 2015
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I work one day a week for a very small business that was using Bento for their database needs.  When Bento was no longer supported a transition needed to occur and the logical replacement product was FileMaker. One aspect of FileMaker 13 that made it very attractive was the fact it didn't need MS Server and could run on a box with a work station OS.


I know some will say what's another  $800 - $900 for a license and CALs but the added complexity and cost does mean quite a bit to a bare bones small business.


Has anyone tried running FileMaker 14 Server on Windows 8? I realize this would be outside the support model and would probably mean I couldn't get any help from FileMaker. To be honest I  haven't called them yet so I'm not sure that is a big deal. Any thought ??