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iPad Mini & FMGo 14

Question asked by AllegroDataSolutions on Jul 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by schamblee

Has anyone tried this yet? Do you get reasonable performance with the 16 GB version?


I know there are a lot of variables that can affect performance (the size of the solution, the speed of the connection and server, etc.). I'm just looking for a general idea of whether a client can get away with this hardware, or whether they need better specs (and more RAM) to do anything useful with ver. 14 and I haven't gotten any calls for iPad/iPod support yet.



I realize that that they can chose to go with web direct and a tablet's web browser, but that's a whole other deal. They're looking for a cheap way to get started and 16GB iPad minis are inexpensive enough at the moment where they may be willing to invest in a couple of them to see how it goes.