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    iPad Mini & FMGo 14


      Has anyone tried this yet? Do you get reasonable performance with the 16 GB version?


      I know there are a lot of variables that can affect performance (the size of the solution, the speed of the connection and server, etc.). I'm just looking for a general idea of whether a client can get away with this hardware, or whether they need better specs (and more RAM) to do anything useful with ver. 14 and I haven't gotten any calls for iPad/iPod support yet.



      I realize that that they can chose to go with web direct and a tablet's web browser, but that's a whole other deal. They're looking for a cheap way to get started and 16GB iPad minis are inexpensive enough at the moment where they may be willing to invest in a couple of them to see how it goes.

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          I've got an iPad mini gen3 64gb, iOS 8.3, FMGo 14.0.2 and everything I've tested so far has been peachy.


          The only caveat I've come across is large data sets with containers in EasySync can crash FMGo from a memory overload, but other than that, performance of the iPad mini is on par to the gen2 iPad that I've tested on.

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            Most of the ios devices have only 1gb of ram, I believe the ipad air 2 has 2gb of ram.  Large databases can give the ipad problems as Mike stated.   If you designed your layouts for the ipad and remember the limits, you should not have a problem.   Most people get lazy and don't design for the device.    Microsoft has the Surface Pro tablet PC ,it is a little heaver than the ipad.  


            Beside the Sync problem, I only know of one user to complain on the forums about the ipad crashing.  I believe the database had over 10,000 records.


            I would limit the found set in portals.  Even in FMGo 13 there were problems on ios devices with large number of records in portals  Record would be missing.  I don't recall reading about a fix for this issue.   You know how FMI reports bug fixes, so it does not mean it has not been fixed.  

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              Yes, the RAM is what matters. You can assume the design of the iPad layouts will be tailored to maximize performance and that the user will always be dealing with a small subset of records. The client has copies of FileMaker Pro for the more complicated tasks.

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                I haven’t seen large record sets crashing FMGo in general browse mode.


                What I was referring to was the EasySync process that loads all of your downloaded record data into a single in-memory variable, which crashes things. I’ve supported systems with 100,000+ records just fine on the current hardware.

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                  There was a user in the last few months on the FMGo forum that was having issue with FMGo crashing with a large dataset of records.  I believe they had a couple of portals loading  large data sets.  


                  I don't think having a couple of portals on a ios device with over 50,000 records in each would be user friendly in the first place, which is what I stated to that user.   It's not like a user can view all those records at once, so why not filter the records down.


                  I agree if you take the time to design your layouts for the ios device then it should work.

                  Note :  FMGo 13 had a memory leak that cause some crashes, and some of those issue were addressed in the release of FMGo 14.   

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                    If the solution is not too big and designed properly there should not be a problem with a 16GB model. Not familiar with the mini processor changes, but performance on the iPAd Air2 is noticeably better. We have 4x 16GB wifi only iPad Air2s and one 64GB with a 2GB image heavy database file. Never have any issues or see a difference in the performance between the two.

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                      Walmart is now selling the original iPad mini 16GB WiFi version for $199. Apple says it will run iOS9 and FMGo 14. Any thoughts on this?

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                        It depends on your database.   16GB is the amount of storage the device has and does not refer to the Ram.   FMGo had a memory leak issue / memory handling issue that would cause crashes. Most of these crash issue has been addressed in FMGo 14.   If the internal storage is about full then you will have issues, and the closer the device is to being full then drive ios will be slower, but it may not be that noticeable.      If your database is over 10GB in size then yes I would consider getting a 32GB or larger device.  The main thing to remember is that the processor, ram, and screen is limited compared to a computer.  If you have thousands of records locally on the device then you may want to get a surface pro and run a full version of FM.   Some users expect an iPad to run like a Mac.  Most Macs these days have a minimum of 8GB of ram (ipad 1GB),  1tb of storage (ipad 16GB), and full version of FM (ipad FMGo).

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                          $199 seems too high for something made in 2012. I'd almost be more inclined to recommend a used 32gb ipad mini 2nd gen for $229:



                          The mini 1st gen isn't as bad as the regular iPad first gen since it's a few years newer. However storage space, and the upgrades in processor and ram are reasons to stick with newer hardware.

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                            I agree with Mike, the refurbished looks like a much better deal and It states on the link that it has a 1 year limited warranty and Apple Care can be purchased.   

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                              I have read and posted on several post today and I did not realize you were the original poster.  I didn't go back and read all the prior post, sorry if my post sounded like a repeat.

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                                Walmart is now selling the original iPad mini 16GB WiFi version for $199. Apple says it will run iOS9 and FMGo 14. Any thoughts on this?


                                For what it is worth...


                                I "had" a 1st gen iPad Mini running iOS 9.  While it ran, it wasn't super responsive and always felt like it was pushing the limits of the hardware.  After the GM was released last week I gave it one more chance and decided I could muddle along with my iPhone 6+ as an "iPad replacement" for the short term until the money tree in my backyard bloomed a bit more and allowed me to get a new one.


                                My kids recently got (by way of Grandma) a couple of 2nd gen Minis and they seem much more responsive.  So I piggyback on what others have said and feel like the refurbished route would provide more bang for the buck.


                                Steve Romig

                                FileMaker, Inc.

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                                  Send me a cutting off that money tree and or any seeds.  I would like to grow one.

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