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Does a FM Server performan faster than a client hosted FM database?

Question asked by on Jul 18, 2015
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I am a developer of an inhouse-CRM-solution that still is under some development. I want up to 4-5 users to test it without uploading it to the FM Server (because of data-integrity, not having scripts to synchronize the server with the test database etc.).


Now it seems that the access to the database on the developer Mac (FM 14 Advanced Pro) is very slow. Even it nothing is running on the Mac and I do not touch any keys at all - even if only one user tries to access it, the user gets quite big time lacks. If I do upload the same database to the server everything works (thanks god) fast.


My question - is it a feasible workaround to install the FM Server on the developer Mac, upload the database to that server and do the serving to the users also as developing (in the night times) on one machine till the database can get released?


Any experience or suggestions would be nice.