How to select a printer and printer tray using FMP 14

Discussion created by randallriggs on Jul 19, 2015
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I have a custom, multi-user database that I run my company with. I have been using it for years and recently upgraded to FMP 14 and FMP server running the DB on a mac mini (stand alone). The database runs beautifully.


I recently purchased a Brother HL-6180DWT dual tray black and white laser printer. I was hoping to load the upper tray with one form and the lower tray with another. Currently, I have two scripts that each print the appropriate layout on the right form. What I have been doing to date, is manually loading each form print to executing the print script for that form (different printer). It's time consuming. My ultimate hope is to combine the two script steps and have it first, select tray 1, print the right layout on that form, then, select tray 2 and print the correct layout on the second form.


So far, everything I try does not work.


I have read that a FMP print plug-in might be the way to go. I was considering the dracoventions.com plugin.


Does anyone have any idea of what to try here?


I know my profile says novice but that's because I just rejoined. I am actually fairly proficient at FMP.


Thanks for the help FMP community!