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    FMS14 Standby vs RAIS via TDM RAID 1


      With OSX what difference do you see in terms of downtime between Standby and RAIS via Target Disk Mode RAID 1. Can these technologies be working together for any benefit.


      wimdecorte I know you have been working with Standby. What do you think?

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          Primary/Standby is certainly not the only way to achieve fast restore times and minimize lost data.  But it is a very elegant way since it is built into FMS.  And it is cross-platform.


          One thing you can not do with RAID-via-Target-Mode is very effectively switch roles without cutting of clients.  Or temporarily break the connection and resume it later.


          I don't think you should try to make Primary/Standby and RAID-via-Target-Mode work together.  You need to let the Primary FMS box be in control of pushing updates to the standby.  The main thing with Primary/Standby is that they are two different machines.

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            I see what you are saying about being built in to FMS and not losing clients being a big deal.


            RAIS TDM uses two machines as well. Some people have been using it with FMS for a while now. Not as graceful as Standby.


            I look forward to some highlights from your presentation after Devcon is over.