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Source Fields missing when trying to import several FM files into one large FM file?

Question asked by meerkatq on Jul 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2015 by beverly

I would be very grateful for some help with the follow if possible please? I am quite a beginner so please forgive if the following is obvious.


Within FM Pro 12, I'm attempting to import a number of files into one main FM database. All Source Fields are the same across the files, and these are the same as the Target Fields in the main database, so there is no issue of renaming or merging.


What I'm finding though is that in the database relationship structure on the 'Import Field Mapping' box, under 'Source', there are 3 drop down items, one of which includes most of the fields (named 'letters') I want to import but there is another which also includes fields I want to import but nothing of the latter is appearing when I import. I have tried importing from both sources, have tried (but failed) to add the missing Source Fields to the 'letters' source so that that contains all of the fields I want to import (rather than them being split across different sources - which I think is the cause of the import problem I can't work out how to fix).


The problem is that for the 'date' source when I match names for the source fields and target fields, nothing is imported into my new main database and the records are blank. When I use just the 'letters' source, all the correct source info in the source fields is imported into the target fields BUT there are source fields missing and I can't work out how to add these in so that using just 'letters' as source enables all information to be imported. I have added the missing target fields under source 'letters', but can't see how to add the related source fields so that this would work, and then there is the issue that when the 'date' source is used and I sort the fields to match names, nothing happens when I import from this source into the database.


I should say that I did not design the FM structure from scratch, but have inherited it. The 'date' source has, I think, been separated off from the 'letters' source because it hosts a number of more complicated relationships within it so perhaps the designers thought another table would be best. I think these sources could be merged, but am at a loss...


I have included two screen shots below; I would be very grateful for any assistance with this.

Best wishes, Andie