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Paragraph Marks in an email

Question asked by gtorborg77 on Jul 21, 2015
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A co-worker has a FileMaker Pro database in which she is trying to create an email from a calculation.  The only problem is that the calculation is not putting in the line breaks (paragraph marks).  I have examined the database myself and haven't been able to find anything she's doing wrong.  But obviously, there is something wrong here - we just can't find it.  That's where the Community comes in.  Do you think you could help?  Here is the email message, to me, that started all this (edited slightly):

Subject: email calcuation


I’m trying to set up in photo filemaker an email. I got it to pull the field information together in the email but it runs the information all together. Don’t know what to do to make the lines break. Any thoughts as to how might be able to make work?




This is what I want

what i want.png


This is what I get

what i got.png


Email calcuation



Lisa Barnes

SMU Integrated Marketing

Marketing Services Director

The screenshots were taken by Lisa, but I viewed this myself to verify.  If you have any ideas, please advise.  Thanks much.