Filemaker Server 14 Installation queries

Discussion created by sudha on Jul 22, 2015
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Hi All,


I haven't installed Filemaker server 14 and I read the Filemaker Server 14 Installation guide and below are some of the queries arised:


Let me know if any other guidelines has to go through apart from Filemaker Server 14 installation guide.


1. We are planning to follow two machine configuration, so database server,admin console on one machine and web server,web publishing engine and web server module on the other machine.


Could you please confirm whether the web server here it means IIS?


2. In the installation guide, they suggested to install IIS on both the master and worker machine. But currently we are using Filemaker Server 11 where the IIS is installed only in the worker machine.


We are planning to migrate Filemaker Server 11 to Filemaker Server 14.


Could you please confirm, IIS has to be installed only in worker machine  and also does it needs to enabled before the installation or the

Microsoft Application Request Routing extension for IIS will enable it during the installation?


3. In installation guide, they have specified to enter the port numbers 80 and 443 during the installation process.


Does it asks during the installation?


4. The packages such as Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable package,Microsoft Application Request Routing extension for IIS,Java Runtime Environment version 7,Bonjour will be installed during the installation.

Kindly confirm is there any addtional packages we have to install during the installaton?


5. When installing the Filemaker Server in the master machine, does the master code helps to detect the worker machine in the master machine?



Kindly help me on this.


Thank you.