FM 14 - WebDirect visualization problem

Discussion created by mbeck65 on Jul 22, 2015
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Hello everybody,

I've just upgraded my company's environment to FM 14.

The enviroment is composed by: 1 FM Server, 3 FM Pro Advanced and 5 PC clients that access FM solutions on FM Server via WebDirect; all the PC clients use Google Chrome as internet browser.

2 clients have a visualization problem via WebDirect: when a user tries to access to the URL ( is the machine on which FM Server is installed) the expected layout is not displayed (see the screenshot attached)




and the user cannot select a solution...

Moreover, also if the user put in the URL an available solution name, the solution is opened but what is displayed is warped...

See below the a screenshot of what appears




and see below what appears from another client (and this is what expected)



Let me know if someone has the same problem.

Suggestions will be appreciated