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    fm advanced crashes when save as PDF


      Hi, I have used my application to create PDFS for longer than I can remember, suddenly it crashes as soon as I hit save on the save PDF dialog.

      no real reason and windows just crashes fmadvanced.exe

      error not much help but here it is:


      Problem signature:


        Problem Event Name: APPCRASH


        Application Name: FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe


        Application Version:


        Application Timestamp: 54b055aa


        Fault Module Name: StackHash_4611


        Fault Module Version: 6.3.9600.17031


        Fault Module Timestamp: 5308893d


        Exception Code: c0000374


        Exception Offset: PCH_6A_FROM_ntdll+0x0003D72C


        OS Version: 6.3.9600.


        Locale ID: 2057


        Additional Information 1: 4611


        Additional Information 2: 46112525d34b377570f5a9f81135300a


        Additional Information 3: 2204


        Additional Information 4: 22045788244bf1a923bb934ca2e2b936




      anyone seem similar behaviour?

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          Not on Windows, but on Mac OS X. Unfortunately the Windows crash report is not helpful. At least it provides the OS & app version though. Have to get the crash dump instead to get anything useful.


          Over the years, two cases I know of where increasing FileMaker's File Cache setting (under Preferences, Memory) has helped. But the exact cause/effect of this is still a bit mysterious. Guessing that the report data gets spooled out to a file before/during the PDF conversion, and in the process it exceeds some limit.


          You could also try updating your copy of FileMaker, but 13.0v9 is said to only include security patches.


          I'd also check for any damaged fonts on your system.


          A bit more far-fetched, but also try running a Recovery on your file (but toss recovered file) and see if you get any problems reported (ie, you get the message "Problems were found, do not use this file going forward...").



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            Solved it, you sent me on the right track by looking at the content of the layout. Actually it was a particular image on the layout. When I removed it, resized and inserted again it was fine.

            I think it may have been too large and was resized on the layout to be smaller..