DevCon 2015 - thoughts/experiences

Discussion created by c0nsilience on Jul 23, 2015
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As we go into the last day of DevCon, I thought it might be pertinent to take the time to post some thoughts on my experience thus far.


Well, this was my very first DevCon and I really didn't know exactly what to expect.  Sure, I've been to conferences and trade shows before, but I knew this would be interesting since it is the 20th DevCon and FM is celebrating it's 30th birthday.


All I can really say is, "Wow!".  From the opening Keynote, through the various seminars and informal discussions over lunch, all the way to the trade show floor, I've been really very impressed with the friendliness of everyone, the astuteness of those giving the presentations and just the overall vibe of the conference.


The fact that it is set against the absurd back drop of Las Vegas, doesn't detract from the experience.  I've had a passion for FM since picking it up in version 12 and it has been a sheer joy to be around so many other passionate developers!


A massive shout out to Matt Petrowsky.  His optimized layout seminar blew a lot of minds and the guy is a real rockstar in the community!  Now I know exactly why.


I hope that all of you who made the trek to LV are having a safe & stellar time and the rest of you who haven't attended a DevCon, it is well worth penciling in on the calendar!