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ESS TO Naming/Table Reference Puzzle

Question asked by Oliver_Reid on Jul 23, 2015

When I double click an ESS MySQL TO, sometimes it retains and highlights the specific SQL table referenced and allows me to change the TO name.


With other, similar, ESS TO's it does not do that -- I am forced to select the table again and then rename the TO.


In that case, a new Shadow Table reference appears in the Table list,  which of course does not include any calculated fields I may have already set up for the original TO.


The behavior seems in inconsistent and random, (and is a pain)


I can't figure out what is going on.


Same problem with either 13 or 14 client


This is hosted on FMS 14, and the ODBC connection is via the server


I don't remember this issue arising with FMS 13


Am I missing something obvious?