64 bit FMP14: Standalone Converter vs. Standard Conversion Approach

Discussion created by itraining on Jul 23, 2015


The FileMaker Pro 14 application is 64 bit on Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Is there any advantage to using the FileMaker 12 Standalone Converter above-and-beyond the Standard Conversion Approach (open in FileMaker Pro)?



We are about to convert approximately 100+ databases, 5,000+ tables and 100+ Gb solutions from FileMaker Pro 11 (.fp7) to FileMaker Pro 14 (.fmp12). Reading the blurb on the Standalone Converter page, 64 bit processing seemed to be the only advantage above the standard conversion approach when FileMaker Pro 12 was released.


FMP12 Standalone Converter:

FileMaker 12 Standalone Converter


Standard Conversion Approach:

Converting older FileMaker Pro files to the .fmp12 file format | FileMaker




Thanks in advance.




Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)