Save as pdf from Preview

Discussion created by derlandson on Jul 23, 2015
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Having trouble with a script that is supposed to make multiple pdfs from a set of found records.  The records are viewed in a layout that can show a preview of the pdf, however the pdf has a header in the layout that gathers the appropriate records based on a sub-summary related to an ID number.  In the save as pdf script step the only choices are to save records being browsed, current record or blank record.  When I run the script with one ID number the pdf (sometimes multiple pages) is generated fine.  The problem is when there is a group of individuals and there should be multiple pdf's generated based on different IDs.  I either get one big pdf with all info in it (records being browsed) or a truncated pdf with not enough info in it (current record).  What am I missing here??  Do I really need to view these records one at a time and save the pdf for each?  Guess I am looking for a way to loop through these records and save each appropriate one (based on ID) as a pdf.


Hope this is clear.