Free SVG Gallery tool released at DevCon

Discussion created by lavendt on Jul 24, 2015
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Now you get an even smarter way of managing your SVG icons, and a very smart and easy way to get a collection of icons, directly into the icons palette within your FileMaker solution.


The SVG Gallery tool works by importing your icons, taking the content of SVG files directly into a text field. From there, you can process all found icons to add the needed class in order to allow FileMaker 14 to control the color of the icon.

Now, in order to get a collection of icons into the icon palette in your solution, there is now a very smart way to do so, using the SVG Gallery tool.

Watch out for an updated video about SVG and this tool at Richard Carlton's in the coming weeks.

Learn more and download the free tool here:  Free SVG Gallery tool | .:: DataManix - Filemaker development ::.