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    MicroSoft Surface & Filemaker Go


      We just completed Devcon, (which was great) and I did not hear anyone even bring up the idea of bringing Filemaker Go to the Surface Pro tablet. Did anyone hear anything about this?


      With the Surface Pro being a full PC loading the client is most likely the best option in that it will utilize the computing power of the processor and memory where Go would not normally have this to use.


      Having said the not all Windows tablets will have the processing, and memory power as the Surface Pro. (ie dell, hp, asus)


      Any thoughts would be good





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          Benjamin Fehr

          I don't see a need for FMGo on the Surface since it runs a full Windows OS.

          This kind of tablet represents a full functional PC and works with a FileMaker Pro license.

          Since FMI is a Apple Inc. subsidiary, I wouldn't expect them to offer them same benefits as to the Apple iPhone / iPad Users.

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            I have a client that is a pretty decent sized corporation and they use a lot of Windows Surface tablets.  They work very well with FileMaker Pro and have been well accepted.  They are more powerful than an iPad and have better performance, albeit without the battery life experience of an iPad.  But most of these corporate clients are using them in an office where power is not an issue.  So, yes, Windows Surface Tablets are a great tool to combine with FileMaker Pro.  And it is not just Windows Surface, but other tablets work just fine too.  The Windows 8.1 operating system works well with touch functionality and FileMaker.  Another benefit of these tablets is that they can also be connected to a big monitor easily for in-office use. 

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              Thank you for the reply,


              Agreed, Full PC the client is the best option.



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                Thank you for the reply,


                We also run Surface Tablets love the larger screen and processing power and utilize them in kiosk view which works well.


                The newer Windows phone should have continuum which should allow for the phone to also do the same pass through to a larger monitor.



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                  Another concept would be to run FMPro via Citrix XenApp or a similar program virtualizer. This takes all of the horsepower away from the client and opens up compatibility for FMPro to a number of devices.


                  There's a few hosting companies that offer SaaS versions of FMPro already, but it's fairly easy to set up in-house if you have some server admin experience.

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                    Mike Duncan

                    Surface Pro will run FM Pro quite nicely, as others have noted. Just take into account during your development that you will test for compatibility with the desktop feature set. FM Go specific features such as swiping panels and specifying keyboard types will not be available, in case you are looking for those.


                    Of course, you may get more functionality out of the full FM Pro feature set anyway, depending on your solution needs.



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                      Mike Duncan, you are correct that things like swiping won't work.  But other things such as touching buttons works just fine with the tablet.  Maybe FM 15 will support swiping on FMP clients.  That would be nice. 

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                        I think we should think about Filemaker realize Runtime for Linux distributions, for example: Ubuntu used by many user in the world.

                        what do you think?




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                          The Surface is a regular computer.  I use a surface pro 3 as my development computer everyday with no issues at all.  That being said I have the one with an i7, 8GB RAM and a 256 SSD.  I plug the machine into an USB docking station when i'm in the office so i have a full keyboard and mouse and just use the tablet when i'm on the road. 



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                            Benjamin Fehr

                            None of my main concerns. But I remember a discussion with FMI many Years ago when former VP Jon Sigler declared that there will be no FMP for Unix OR Android, but FMI will come up with a new product in a Year (FM Webdirect) which will allow browser-based FM access with every device that contains a internet browser

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                              As others stated, you can benefit from the full power of the Surface Pro with Filemaker, but keep in mind that it's a Pro you're running, not a Go.


                              So, no:

                              - Insert from device

                              - Scan barcode

                              - Swipe gestures

                              - etc.


                              On the other side, you can benefit from an AMAZING advantage over the iOS devices: using plugins !

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                                I am not 100% (and its too late to research) but there is also a version on ARM processor if I remember correctly that works more iPad like. That is, it doesn't have the full Desktop capabilities. Or maybe its a Windows version on a third-party tablet. It would then make sense to have a native Windows Mobile App.

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                                  Maybe in the future continuum would be an advantage but for now it only works on universal apps. FileMaker is still a native desktop (win app). It would be very nice to see FMGO released for Windows 10 apps. I would still run the surface primarily on FMPro but being able to switch our to FMGO with Gozync would be great, and then you could use it with Continuum which would be fantastic.

                                  I have a Lumia 950XL and have played with Continuum in the last few days (just received the phone this week). It is really cool but lacking. Hopefully momentum builds for it.

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                                    That was surface running RT and it reached a quick end of life. Now it is universal windows 10 apps that will run on all windows 10 devices.