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Gathering Values of Related Records

Question asked by mrosenhek on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by mrosenhek

Not even sure how to ask this ...

I need to create a field that will display all values of another field, based on a grouping of records that have one common field value.



Existing field is called AFE

Existing field is called STATUS

I might have numerous records that have a different status, and it is these values that need to be  displayed in the FIRST occurrence of the record.

The kicker is that this needs to be accomplished through a self join relationship (I think).



AFE is the field in common

Record1 AFE =AAA, STATUS = white

Record2 AFE =AAA, STATUS = blue

Record3 AFE =AAA, STATUS = blue

The solution would display "white blue". In other words, all of AFE AAA's STATUS values. Preferably in each AAA record. Failing that, in the FIRST record of the 3 in question.


Then it would need to have a similar  result in each other grouping of records.


Record4 AFE =XXX, STATUS = horse

Record5 AFE =XXX, STATUS = cat

Record5 AFE =XXX, STATUS = dog

The solution would display "horse cat dog".



Ultimately this new field will be used as a display in a summary report. The client does not want to see a breakdown, but rather, just the values at the beginning of the report. Any takers on this? I hopes it's easier to create the solution that ask the question ... LOL. If you understand me, you deserve a medal.