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How To Best Manage Multiple Copies Each With Different Databases

Question asked by matte on Jul 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by kbleicken

Here's one for the pros out there, and hopefully someone can save me a ton of googling and tests.  Let's say you create a FMP14 solution, and let's say that you want to allow different groups to use, each with their own dataset.  But the app is still being developed.  So other than copying and pasting script changes, etc between copies of the file -- all up and running -- any ideas?


In non filemaker terms this would be where you have a front end and the database backend.  Each instance of the front end connects to a different instance of the backend, so updating them is just replace the files. 


I was also looking into some of the subversion tools to see if that could be used to track the changes.  The files are hosted on FM Server.


Any tips? 


I've looked at tools like FMDiff and a few others, but none seem to do what to me (a non filemaker pro) would be simple coming from a traditional php/mysql environment.