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    Choose All Values in a check-box set for Report


      Good day,


      I am creating an excel report where I would like to see all activities for employees during a specific period of time.


      I have a field called Employees in a drop-down list in which the present report I have allow one employee at a time to be chosen ,thus,it  reflects the activities per employee (please see script below for this):



      However I would like to make this field in a check - box set where all employees can be chosen and be reflected in this report.


      Please assist with the script that would be necessary for this to take place.





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          Do you really mean "all" employees?


          If so, then you either show all records in the Employees table, or don''t use Employee as a search criterion in other tables.


          If, OTOH, you mean "employees selected in the checkbox", try


          If [ IsEmpty ( YourTable::yourCheckBoxField ) ]

            Exit Script

          End If

          Set Field [ $employeeList ; YourTable::yourCheckBoxField ]

          Go to Layout [ YourSearchLayout ( SearchLayoutTableOccurrence ) ]

          Enter Find Mode


            Set Field [ YourSearchField ; GetValue ( $employeeList ; Get ( RequestCount ) ) ]

            Exit Loop if [ Get ( RequestCount ) = ValueCount ( $employeeList ) ]

            New Record/Request

          End Loop

          Set Error Capture [ on ]

          Perform Find


          or create a relationship where

          YourTable::checkBoxField = Contacts_bySelected::name

          and use Go to Related Record[]


          Note that rather than a name, you should use IDs as primary/foreign keys to identify (related) records unambiguously.

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            I concur with erolst: use the employee id.  Moreover, it sounds like you may need a join table:


            Activity ---<EmpAct>---Employee and have a date field (and time field, if needed) in the join table, so EmpAct::activityDate

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              Set Field [ $employeeList ; YourTable::yourCheckBoxField ]


              Set Variable [ $employeeList ; Value: YourTable::yourCheckBoxField ]