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Streamline Filemaker Go Installation / Deployment

Question asked by twelvetens on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by markwizard

Hi, I wonder if anyone has any pointers regarding the deployment / delivery of Filemaker Go solutions onto iOS devices.


I've already built a .mobileconfig file, and can deploy that to devices via email / download / whatever, and the solution itself has an auto-update mechanism, so that's all good too, but I'm actually interested in streamlining the user experience prior to this, namely for user's who don't already have Filemaker Go installed on their iOS device.


At the moment, when a user presses the icon for the .mobileconfig generated webclip on the iOS device, if they haven't got Filemaker Go installed, they just open up an empty page in Safari. Anyway to redirect the to the App Store entry for Filemaker Go? Perhaps with some instructions on needing Filemaker Go in order to run the "app"?


If the user manually downloads the Filemaker Go app, and then clicks on the desktop webclip, they have to go through some 'first run' UI screens, followed by seeing all the local files (contacts etc) on the device, before being launched into the solution itself. Is there anyway to bypass these first run screens?


I know I'm probably asking a bit much here, but I thought it would be worth a shot...