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    GetLayoutObjectName ( Self ) ?


      I think I already know the answer to this, but I'm throwing it out there in case I'm wrong...


      I'm doing some creative things with layout object names.


      I can, for example, get from Get ( ActiveLayoutObjectName ) to the nearest object with a certain name to the left, right, up or down. I can use that, for example, for a drill-down button, which is actually a field (a global from a globals table, which doesn't need to be repointed) with an onObjectEnter script trigger, to find the nearest object to the left starting with "fld", then navigate to the record that field comes from.


      However, for tooltips ("Click here to navigate to John Smith") or hide when (Hide when that nearest field doesn't point to an existing related record), I need to get the layout object name of the object I'm configuring, even though it's not currently the active, clicked object.


      I'm well aware that I could edit the functions manually each time I place the field/button. In fact, I can point the field to a "Utility Global" field in the target TO and get what I want. If, however, I could reference something like "GetLayoutObjectName ( Self )" in the tooltip function and hide when functions, I could just drop this next to a related field and have it work with no changes whatsoever. Furthermore, I could have the button just be a button, rather than needing to have the user click in and make it the active field/layoutobject.


      I'm about to put in a feature request, but before I do, am I just missing something?


      Barring that, am I the only one who thinks this would be immensely useful?


      Chris Cain


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          Devon Braun

          Love the idea, Chris.


          I was looking for ways to quickly develop, for instance, layout menu buttons, in which case naming a button and allowing the text and conditional formatting of that button to be dynamically calculated from the name would greatly speed up the process of developing per-layout menu bars.


          I tried the same using a web viewer, which almost worked.  Buttons could self-generate, title, format and trigger scripts.  The only downside there is that a web viewer requires two clicks, the first to activate the web viewer object, the second to click on the object internal to the web viewer.


          Working on a third approach to the issue using a dynamic global field.