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Cannot edit recordset with two users...

Question asked by on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by wimdecorte

Hi there,


I just uploaded my development CRM-database onto the server to test it with more than me as a user. Now I see that I cannot edit recordsets as the record seems to be locked.


Now I have to find out whre I can find the problem. I thought I did it right. There is a search box that searches Companies via eSQL, throws the matching IDs of the Companies into a global field and this one is referenced by the layout where I can edit Companies. In the layout there are some portals and further TOC-relations to data like "Contacts", "Invoices", "Categories" etc.


If someone is editiing a Company  another user is able to access a different Company but ot able to edit the main data, is able to add a M:M-relation recordset like "Brands of the Company" but not to alter the "Character of the Brand-Relationship".


I know that this is a very common description. ButI hope that you can give me some "usual errors" in such situation that I should watch out for.


Great thanks!