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    Passing Script Parameters into a Web Direct URL possibly bugged?


      How you do pass multiple parameters into a Web Direct script?  All the docs say is:

      http://<host>/fmi/webd#<database name>[?script=<script name>[&param=<script parameter>][&<$variable name>=<value>]]


      It's a fairly straightforward syntax, but when I set up a script in Web Direct that simply says Show Custom Dialog ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ) and then run the script from a web browser I get unexpected behavior.


      When I pass a parameter using the following string



      The show custom dialog returns 'test', which is expected.

      However, because the docs specifically state that I can use any variable name I want, when I try the same script a custom variable name using:


      The show custom dialog returns empty.  It's the same result when I try to pass multiple variables.  The only way I am able to get the script to parse the script parameter is if I use the literal string 'param' and a single variable.

      Am I doing something incorrectly or is this in fact bugged?