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    What did you do in FileMaker Today?


      Another forum I frequent asks this question about the game played. I thought it would be interesting to see what is going on in FileMaker on a given day. Maybe share exciting, new, problem-solving tasks you accomplished. I'm sure "I created a layout" is not the most rewarding


      So what did you do?


      I'm just starting my day, but I am continuing to import data from an old, badly normalized system, into a new database. It is baby steps and multiple attempts for sure.


      Yesterday, I used the placeholder text feature to clean up a few popover data-entry points. I am trying to clean up the interface a bit.

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          Markus Schneider

          spent one hour re-building a FMGo app because FMPro Adv 14 crashed while working on styles


          When copying files from/to an iOS device, FMS isn't that handy...

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            Wrote a script in a FileMaker database that manage royalties for child books authoring; the script's goal is to export entries to be imported in a standardized accounting system called SAGE 100. This format is old but funny : ¶ between fields and flags to delineate records and tables. A bit boring but it is work to do...

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              Worked on an answer to


              using AutoIt, BaseElements plugin and some fmp URL tricks

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                Set up an organization chart with Merge Variables populated using a table of positions & who (via relationship to contacts) and ExecuteSQL() to fill the variables. Because, well, we know things change!



                On Jul 29, 2015, at 9:16 AM, Jeremy Brown wrote

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                  New custom function: x_des_objects_nearest ( focusObjectName ; direction ; objectNameStartsWith ; includeOverlapping )


                  Created a drill-down button I can put next to any related field on any layout, and it can recognize the relationship to the related field to its left. (Sorry, it's not modular.)


                  R&D time. Making/updating other "widgets" that could use this function.


                  Also, (unrelated, believe it or not) working on an existing "Collate" script that runs through the system finding new phrases for multi-lingual translation, action names for privilege administration, and more. Need to add options to run for scopes smaller than the whole solution, like just this layout or just this file or just translations.


                  Chris Cain


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                    Beside regular tech support issues i'm working o adding 5 new modules to Eikonsys One: Job Orders, Timeslips, Tickets, Machines and Cash Closings. This include the following tasks:

                    • Create new icons for Active/Inactive states.
                    • Adding field labels for each new field (Eikonsys is multi language).
                    • Creating new layouts for each module for form view, list view and printed reports.
                    • Adding/Modifying existing scripts.


                    And the list goes on and on...


                    I got to have this changes ready for Aug 24 and after two days of work I could finish task 1, so my future doesn't look bright for the next days .



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                      Built a simple little file to demo some of the new features in FM14 at my computer club next weekend.

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                        Trying to improve the speed of a huge FMP11 database. In the biggest/busiest/slooooowest table, changing the calculation fields to static fields updated by scripted calculations (Set Field). The speed improvement is phenomenal.


                        Thinking about dropping another native FileMaker feature when developing big solutions - calculation fields begone.




                        Michael Richards

                        Brisbane (Australia)

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                          A lot of folks around here would recommend that from the start for every solution  you build–not using unstored calcs. I almost never use unstored calc fields anymore. Despite their ease, they can drain performance. I only use them when i know that field and the fields from which they come will not be shown on a layout.

                          I'd much rather control all the updating through scripts, but of course that calls for more scripts and very carefully-designed ones.


                          YOu're on the right track: just because its native to FM doesn't mean its a good practice. I suggest dropping all calc fields that are unstored and using scripts.


                          Stored calcs are fine, I believe. They are stored data and will update only when something changes.

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                            Markus Schneider

                            testing a big FM11 Application under VMWare Horizon/Mirage, replacing 'copy/paste' scriptstep by variables, replacing the pront-methods

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                              I am up-converting all of my old FM 5/7/11 files I ever did, to "steal" and evaluate my old scripts on which I have spent months and years to see if they are still useful and will survive the conversions.

                              If so, I will create an FM14 scrip database where all my scripts will be stored in with a brief description of use, relation and functionality.

                              With the new script-workspace it is easy to recompile scripts (cut and paste) and to avoid double engineering time. :-)


                              Not sure how other developers do it, but I think this will be a good tool for future projects.  :-)

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                                Take a look to:


                                Clip Manager for Mac

                                It's very useful for storing and alter any sort of FMP objects using the XML pasteboard data.



                                Very useful also TextMate + DonovanChan/Filemaker.tmbundle · GitHub

                                (actually after 2empower it's my most used FMP dev tool - 2empowerFM Developer Assistant)



                                Base Elements The database for your database (this is my favourite tool in general. It's designed to analyse DDR, but you may copy FMP clipboard back to FMP starting from DDR data imported in Base Elements.)

                                BaseElements | Goya Pty Ltd



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                                  Begin a brand new database this morning. It is a tool for a small Airport in order to log all Arrivals and Departures and then submit movement's details to the federal flight authority. Coool.

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                                    Established an ODBC connection between FMP 14 and Sage 100 (god bless ProvideXPlus....) via a Windows VM.  

                                    Yep, not sexy at all, I know!

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