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Best Practice for Updating a FM Solution

Question asked by deninger on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2015 by nodisorder

I have looked over a lot of materials on the pro vs. con of separation model and have concluded that a separation creates more issues for my solution that it solves. That being said, I have been struggling to get my mind around maintaining multiple sites with updates going forward. I would appreciate any insight in methods the more experienced members use to update their solution(s):


  • Scripts
  • Layout modifications
  • Database Scheme changes


RIght now, I have been gravitating towards installing a new version of the solution (empty, without any records) on the server and scripting a data import for each table required from the old version to the new shell solution. Because I am using UUID for PK's this avoids some PK problems and works, but it is slow (there are millions of records in several tables at some locations) and I worry about data corruption. Thanks.