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    Filemaker 14 Windows no response


      Hello, we have installed Windows 2012 Server and the Clients ar FM Pro 14. When we want change the layout, we get much time the message in the Head of the layout "No response" and the changing need much time until opening the new Layout. In FM 13 we don`t have this problem.


      It seems, scripts are running need much time.....


      How knows some solution for this problem ? The speed from FM14 seems to be very slow !


      we have some screenshot in the message

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          Have you tried opening the databases using a local copy of FileMaker Pro 14 on the server to see whether the it also experiences the delays? I'm assuming this is running on a LAN?


          Also, was FileMaker 13 running on a non-Windows 2012 server? All our cloud servers are Windows 2012 running FileMaker Server 14 and they run fine, so it is likely to be a setup issue. Check all the Firewall ports are open that are needed Ports used by FileMaker Server 14 | FileMaker


          Ensure any anti-virus is set to ignore any FileMaker file or folder.





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            Similar problem into Terminal Service on Windows Server 2012 with FileMaker Server & Pro 14 and Standby Server configured.

            Clients seems to freeze after few minutes of inactivity.


            On the client (no standby, sleep mode configured).

            In TS sessions keep-alive every 10 minutes.

            Servers are in farm and connectivity is perfect (same client side).


            Very strange behavior.


            Solution (no solution) = logout and re-login.



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              now we have tried with opening without server. We have the same problem. Now we found a problem witch is very strange. We have installed on win 8.1 Client FM13.09 and opened directly the database. I must say, we have much clients in Germany, with the same databases and Serversolutions and it runs perfectly fast without freezers. I think nobody has 8.1


              On FM13.09 its the same problem. Maybe WIN 8.1 Pro is the Problem ? but on win 2012 R2 it`s the same. We deactivated all plugins, the same. ONLY WHEN WE CHANGE THE LAYOUT, without scripts its freezing !! WHY ????????