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fmGO disconnecting from a DB hosted on fmPro and Record Locking

Question asked by nodisorder on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by nodisorder


Shop, solution hosted on fmPRO, used on iPad on fmGO.



The user edit a record on iPad without committing.

The iPad goes on energy saving mode.

After a while the locked status of the record edited on iPad it's released.


The user decide to edit the same record on fmPRO on the hosting machine, committing it.


The user goes back to the iPad and try to edit the same record, or just click away from that record using a button.

fmGO detect the conflict of the record modified on both sides and block the user doing anything.

All the button on the layout are with error capture on so the user get an error only committing the record clicking on the layout.

(something that it does not do) I may change the scripts to check the open state and display a message, but the user remain locked.

It's the fourth year that the user it's using the system but only recently they started to edit records also on the hosting mac (and simultaneously!).


There is a way to force fmp to save an open record before the iPad goes on energy saving mode (or iPhone receiving a Phone call...)?

There is somebody that accomplished this task maybe with a on timer script checking after a while if the record it's open and eventually committing it on fmGO?

There is something simple that I'm missing? :-)