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    FM PRO Touch 13 v 14


      In using FileMaker 13 Pro on a touch device the list view worked with the touch scrolling, fast forward to Filemaker 14 Pro same database however the touch scrolling does not work.


      What changed? I have looked for a setting but have not found one.



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          I know the dialog for vertical portal scrolling changed.


          Fundamentally scrolling on the layout has changed with the addition of the navigation header/footer parts.


          What happens if you change your header/footer parts to the navigation header/footer parts?

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            I have tried with the native db, I also created a layout using the new navigation headers and have yet to realize the touch scrolling. Additionally I have added headers and footers to test but have not had success with it.




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              Are there any settings on your "touch device" that might need to be updated. I'm assuming you're using something like a surface, but I am not really familiar with those at all. Most non-iOS devices have random-at-best control over gesture behavior.


              Also, did you try tapping the layout to "activate" it before scrolling?

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                Thank you for the reply,


                Your assumption is correct it is a Surface Pro tablet. I have check all the settings on the surface and they seem to be correct in that if I run the FMP 13 it runs just fine, however exit 13 and load FMP 14 or for that matter FMPA 14 and I lose the touch functionality. Given that it tells me the setting are ok on the Surface as it work well in 13 just not 14.


                I hate to use the word "Bug" but, do you think it could be a "Bug" in 14?



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                  It’s a grey area, FMI has never said it supports the surface so it’s hard to say it’s a bug. Have you tried using a USB mouse to see if the scroll wheel works? What about a USB keyboard with page up/down and home/end?

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                    I hate grey areas! Have said that without them no envelops would ever be pushed and progress slows. Yes while using the mouse and keyboard it scrolls as expected.



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                      FileMaker has not built specific support for the Surface (nor should they). They have stated that they have support for Windows 8 touch devices. Assuming you are not playing with the pre-release version of Windows 10, that means that your Surface should have support from FMI.


                      FMI even specifically states 'Windows 8" in their new touch function descriptions for FileMaker 14. <see below>



                      Get(TouchKeyboardState) – In FileMaker Go and Windows 8, returns 1 (true) if the touch keyboard is set to display automatically when needed; otherwise, returns 0 (false). See Get(TouchKeyboardState) function.



                      In pervious versions certain touch gestures worked, but did not have official support. I have a Yoga Pro 2, a Toshiba Convertible, a Surface RT, and a Surface Pro- in addition to my iPad Air and iPhone 6 Plus- so the era of fingerprints on my displays is in full force.


                      I also run a Logitech Windows 8 trackpad which also supports gestures- and the control for gestures is very similar to my MacBook Pro 13 Retina; however, the risk in 'custom' gestures is that if you develop for others it's hard to know if they will utilize the same 'non-standard' gestures.


                      In FileMaker, I typically stick with the standard support...

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                        I do know that we have some tablet PC devices here that worked fine under version 11, but the scrolling using a swipe gesture stopped working when upgraded to 12. FMI acknowledged, in that case, that it was a driver incompatibility with that particular tablet device. Don't know if it's something similar; maybe the way the Pro client captures gesture messages from the OS has changed?