Best ideas for creating 1000s of records

Discussion created by jurgmay on Jul 30, 2015
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Hi all,


I am using Todd Geist's HyperList to get a list of IDs from a found set of Customer records. I then need to take these IDs and create records in another table (Prospects).

Are there any best practices or tricks to create say 2,000+ records. At the moment I'm looping through the list and creating a new record in the Prospects table and setting a ProspectListID field and a ProspectID field (from the HyperList). This takes just over four minutes.

Here's the script:

(Note: $prospectListID is received as a parameter and declared using #Assign from www.filemakerstandards.org

It's value looks like "95E686D-D276-3142-A54C-87E52E4EDDC0")


Perform Script [ "Get Values in Found Set ( FieldName )" ; Parameter ( GetFieldName ( Customers » List::id ) ) ]

Set Variable [ $recordIDs ; Value: Get ( ScriptResult ) ]

Go to Layout [ "@Prospects" (Prospects) ]

Set Variable [ $counter ; Value: 0 ]
Set Variable [ $listCount ; Value: ValueCount ( $recordIDs ) ]


  Exit Loop If [ Let ( [ $counter = counter + 1 ] ; $counter > $listCount ) ]

  New Record/Request

  Set Field [ Prospects::id_prospectList ; $prospectListID ]
  Set Field [ Prospects::id_customer ; GetValue ( $recordsIDs ; $counter ) ]

End Loop


I don't see any obvious reason why this takes so long and I don't see a different in performance if this script is called using PSOS.


Any guidance appreciated.