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Change email on

Question asked by davidanders on Jul 30, 2015
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Change email on to match for merge

Signing on to shows but does not allow editing ID or Email.

Hints?  (my forums subscription uses an 8 year old email address, community a new email address.

The merge explanation from Filemaker indicates matching email addresses is important.


On August, 25 2015 the FileMaker Forums will merge with the FileMaker Community. The FileMaker Community is built on the latest discussion forum technology. We think you’ll enjoy some of the new enhancements including the ability to: 


·   More easily find information all in one place

·   Use type ahead to find discussion threads and topics

·   Accumulate recognition points as you contribute to posts

·   Get access to helpful resources such as tech briefs, videos, and “how to’s”


Click here for more information on how to migrate your forum account, including posts and comments, to the FileMaker Community.


FileMaker Forum Transition Q&A | FileMaker

What happens if I have a FileMaker Forum and a FileMaker Community account?


The first recommended step is to ensure you have matching accounts in the FileMaker Forum and the FileMaker Community to ensure your posts and comments transfer properly when we merge the systems.


Note that the two accounts will be merged if the email address associated with each account match. If any other account details such as your Username (Display name) or password are different it will default to your FileMaker Community profile.


To ensure that your accounts are migrated properly it is recommended to have matching accounts in the FileMaker Forum and the FileMaker Community by August 18, 2015.