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    Strange behaviour on Mac when deleting records




      We’ve noticed that FileMaker Pro on Mac OS X gets high lag/latency for typing to a text field when someone is deleting large amount of records. The text field is normal field without script triggers and deleting happens in different file and of course on a another computer.


      It seems that FileMaker Pro on Windows doesn’t have that kind of problem.


      Our testing environment:


      Record deleting

      • FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10


      • FileMaker Server 14 on Windows 7 Pro


      • FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced or 13 on Mac Yosemite 10.10.14


      • Lan


      Uploaded video: FileMaker Pro Write Lag - YouTube

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      Jouni Jeulonen

      TeraKuu Oy



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          I wonder if FileMaker Pro is the problem or Yosemite.  The most crashes on our systems occur on the Yosemite machines.  FileMaker 13v5.   Also screen updates are a pain.  I needed to program extra screen refreshes/object refreshes only for the Yosemite machines.  Reminds I have to file a bug report.  (same layout, same actions, same FileMaker Version on 10.10 screen blank, on 10.9 nicely updated. )


          On my development machine I still run 10.9.5 which is ok now, but was pretty unstable en totally unusable when 10.9 just came out.  I switched developing to older Mac OS back then. Why not just chuck the Mac out and switch to Windows.  I've been a Mac user since 1984 and an Apple user since 1979.  Networking has never been a strong point of the Mac in my opinion.


          If at all viable I'd ditch the mac or install windows on it.  Anyway, that's my friday afternoon rant.  But seriously the OS version might be the issue here and not FileMaker on the Mac persé.  If you have the possibility install 10.9 and FileMaker on an external drive boot from that and see if it works better.

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            Thank you for your input rrrichie.

            We ran some more tests and it seems that this problem has something to do with data processing when client gets lots of record updated info (“deleted record info” in this case).

            First we thought that this is only OS X problem, but Windows lags too. It seems that in Windows FileMaker Pro refresh only foreground window when OS X refresh every open window and that’s why we didn´t notice that at first time.

            When there is window open showing records from the table (5 portals in our case) from which the records are being deleted we observe the lag in writing. On OS X this happens even if the windows is in the background. Same thing happens when you update records by loop or replace field contents when those records are visible in portal.

            FileMaker Pro 14 is a bit better than FileMaker Pro 13, but there is still annoying lag.

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              What happens if you move the other windows outside the screen...  you can enter -1000 in the position with the Window Move/Resize script step...


              Wonder if FileMaker still updates off screen windows. 


              You can also try to make the deleting a "transaction"  FileMaker should not update the other windows on other clients until the transaction is complete.


              You can do this by deleting the records in a portal.  Before deleting somehow set a relationship from the "delete" window to the records you want to delete.  As long as you don't commit records, the transaction stays "open".  Then at the end do a commit.  (or a revert record and automagically all the records re-appear :-) )


              I don't know if you use transactions yet, Todd Geist has a nice video on it : geist interactive | FileMaker Transactions

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                NickLightbody do you have any test data on record deletes yet?

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                  Hi Tom


                  Record deletes is run server side are in my experience very fast.


                  You can see this in the latest version of the dsBenchmark App - which now deletes it performance data records server-side.


                  I have just rebuilt http://www.deskspace.com so it is now a responsive site, built using the Deskspace rwApp, so that the performance paper is now there with illustrations etc.


                  I haven't yet linked in the dsBenchmark download but should do that soon if you don't have a copy of that version.


                  You may recall that this version of dsBenchmark is completely open so that users can choose to use and learn from our built for mobile techniques.


                  Cheers, Nick

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                    Markus Schneider

                    There is another voodoo option here )-:

                    I installed a brand new Mini as a replacement for my 3 years old desktop Mac Mini

                    - same OS, same type (i7) of hardware but only SSD instead of fusion drive

                    - no migration, pure vanila install (btw. was afraid because of the mails, but was really easy)


                    I tried to install and use the identical application on the new machine and some of the app's did no longer run, ie 'Reflector'. Message: '... not supported, update Your...' or similar. Well, that software was running fine on the old Mini - so, there must be some kind of 'extensions' installed on the old one and this could be the reason for strange behavior as well...


                    I used to migrate, to install a new OSX (ie Yosemite over Mavericks, not just patchs) all over existing OS, mostly without any problems.

                    But there was once a big performance hit (believe that it was with Mountain Lion) and as i installed that OS from scratch, the performance was fine