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Surface Pro vs. iPad

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by sharonstewart

Good day, all. I have a new client who's interested in mobility, but is having some trouble deciding between the Surface Pro and iPad. Obviously, Go is available for iPad and is free and you have to have a FileMaker license for the Surface Pro. Got that. But, some other issues are involved as well. He's thinking his field support staff can use the Surface Pro as a laptop / desktop machine as well as for mobility, and that would mean he'd only have to buy that device (versus a desktop plus an iPad). So the cost differential basically disappears.


Therefore, what the discussion is working itself down to is how easy it is, using a Surface Pro and a FileMaker Pro license, to integrate data acquisition from the device to the solution. I know the Surface Pro has an onboard camera. How tough is it to capture from that camera into a solution? What about bar code reading?


Anyone with experience running a mobile solution on a Surface Pro, please chime in. TIA.