Charting x axis label Issue

Discussion created by rothdavid on Jul 31, 2015
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FM Adv 14 / Server Adv 14 Win


Ive been developing some dash reports in offline beta system.  I'm fairly new to FM charting.  I've built my first chart but I can't seem to get the X axis labels to display on the chart.  The bar graph is displaying accurate data but I can't seem to get the labels to appear under each bar.


I've downloaded some example FP12 chart dbs for review and it would appear I just need to provide  a list names for each bar in the X axis data field.   Based on reading and examples, I don't know why they simply don't appear here.


Screenshot below shows (in red) where I would expect labels to be placed but they are not showing up in layout or browse mode.


Any advice/support would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you,  David